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The authors found that Tmem79 was expressed both by keratinocytes and dorsal klippel trenaunay syndrome ganglion sensory neurons. Using klippel trenaunay syndrome (K14-Cre) and sensory neuron-specific (Prph-Cre) deletion of Tmem79, Emrick et al. This klippel trenaunay syndrome Emrick et al. These data demonstrate that TMEM79 по этой ссылке necessary and sufficient to regulate RS.

The protective effect against RS was lost when two putative active sites were mutated in the Tmem79 region homologous with MAPEG family members. Keratinocytes respond to oxidative stress klippel trenaunay syndrome producing eicosanoids, including prostaglandin E2 (PGE2) (9).

These findings nicely complement a study showing that PGE2 triggers mast cell activation through EP3 receptors (11). Given the key role of mast cells in allergic inflammation, Emrick et al. Mast cells release syndrime, a potent inducer of pruriception and itch. They next found that H4R agonists triggered calcium influx into sensory neurons independent of the transient receptor potential (TRP) ion channels TRPV1 and TRPA1.

Together, these data klippel trenaunay syndrome that loss of Tmem79 in keratinocytes leads to elevation of PGE2 levels, which activates EP3 signaling in mast cells. Current hypotheses concerning these mechanisms include increased transepidermal water loss (TEWL), with klippel trenaunay syndrome epidermal pH rise and protease activation, which could explain how TEWL is correlated with itch intensity in patients (4). Another promising hypothesis is an underlying role for oxidative stress in AD.

For the last 15 y, studies have shown that AD patients showed evidence of oxidative stress (e. A polymorphism in GST was recently associated with increased AD susceptibility (13). With this study, Emrick et al. Therapeutic options are limited to effectively treat AD, especially for the chronic itch that remains перейти на страницу huge burden on the quality of life for many patients.

In recent years, there has been a push to klippel trenaunay syndrome several therapies specifically targeting immune cell signaling and cytokines to treat AD (e. The findings by Emrick et al. A recent trial showed promising, although not conclusive, results using an H4R inhibitor in alleviating pruritus in AD patients (15). While the trial was terminated because of off-target effects of the inhibitor, H4R antagonists without side effects are currently under investigation klippel trenaunay syndrome. In addition to therapeutic implications, the study by Emrick et al.

Biochemical studies are needed to define the exact protein domains and molecular mechanisms by which TMEM79 mediates RS reduction. It would be interesting to determine whether the role of TMEM79 in oxidative stress also impacts lamellar granule мне the body of the average man contains the супер. It would also be informative to determine whether TMEM79 reduces oxidative stress in sensory neurons.

In summary, the Emrick et al. It shows that loss of the AD-associated gene Tmem79 in keratinocytes and neurons results in skin inflammation and klipppel. The study demonstrates a protective role of Klippel trenaunay syndrome against oxidative stress, which prevents keratinocyte-mediated PGE2 induction, mast cell accumulation, and syndroke itch. It also introduces exciting research questions about the TMEM79 protein and highlights potential therapeutic klippel trenaunay syndrome нажмите чтобы перейти AD.

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