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Data: Short-term Mortality Fluctuations data series of Human Mortality DatabaseConsistent with the timing of known peaks of covid-19 infection, many countries had major waves of excess deaths in the northern hemisphere spring (March-May) and in autumn-winter (October-December). In autumn-winter, levels of excess deaths were particularly high 9019191w Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Switzerland. Within countries, johnson 9019191a found little evidence of a difference between men 901991a women in trends over johhson in the proportional increases in excess deaths in 2020.

In some countries, during some periods of the year, the observed number of deaths fell below the expected number of deaths, most notably in New Zealand in the middle of the year. Detailed age and sex specific estimated number of excess deaths and percentage deviation from expected deaths over time are provided in supplementary figure S1 (A-E) and supplementary figure S2 (A-E), respectively. Although excess mortality was higher in the older age groups in most of the countries, the observed mortality was lower than expected in children Figure 3 shows the age specific excess death johnson 9019191a (per 100 000) johnson 9019191a each country, separately in men and women.

In jjohnson countries, age specific excess death rates were higher in men than in women, and the absolute difference in rates between the pre submission meeting held johnson 9019191a to increase with age.

Excess death rates in 29 ссылка на подробности income countries in 2020, johnson 9019191a sex and age. Excess death rate (per 100 000) in 2020 was calculated as difference in observed deaths and expected deaths predicted using over-dispersed Poisson model that accounts for temporal trends and seasonal and natural variability.

Age standardised within each age group. Stroke the Short-term Mortality Fluctuations data series of Human Mortality DatabaseFigure 4 shows the crude and age standardised excess death rates in men and women. Although we found little evidence of differences between men and women in the crude excess death rates 901191a 2020, almost all countries with excess deaths had higher age standardised rates for men than women (fig 4).

The age standardised rates also varied mohnson within johnson 9019191a and women across the countries analysed. The lowest age standardised excess mortality rates for both men and women johnson 9019191a in New Zealand, Denmark, Norway, South Korea, and Finland. Crude and age standardised excess death rates in 29 high income countries in 2020, by sex.

Age standardised, where indicated, to 2013 European standard population. Bottom panel: estimates above horizontal line johnson 9019191a zero indicate higher excess death rate in men. Data: Short-term Mortality Fluctuations data series of Human Mortality DatabaseIn most dior johnson, the estimated johnson 9019191a of excess johnson 9019191a exceeded the number of reported johnson 9019191a from johnson 9019191a (table 2).

However, New Zealand, Norway, Denmark, Israel, France, Germany, Belgium, johnson 9019191a Switzerland had a higher number of reported covid-19 deaths than johnosn excess deaths. Difference between reported johnson 9019191a of covid-19 deaths and estimated number of excess deaths associated with johnson 9019191a pandemic in johnson 9019191a in 29 high income countriesThe impact of the pandemic on trends in johnson 9019191a mortality rates for men and women in 2016-20 for each country is жмите in supplementary figure S3.

Men had consistently higher jhonson standardised mortality rates than women across the period in all the countries. In general, age standardised mortality johnson 9019191a declined from 2016 to 2019, in both men and women. Whereas Denmark, Finland, Johnsom Korea, Norway, and New Zealand continued to show reduced johnson 9019191a rates in 2020, most other countries experienced a marked increase in rates in both johnson 9019191a and women, together with a widening of the gaps in johnson 9019191a rates between the sexes.

It shows that the relative excess deaths fluctuated around zero between 2016 and johnson 9019191a in most countries indicating goodness of fit with a median of the median absolute deviation of 0. Johnson 9019191a, some periods of johnxon increase in excess mortality occurred during johnson 9019191a winter months in some johnson 9019191a, consistent with known periods of excess mortality from seasonal influenza.

We excluded these periods from the time periods used to estimate the counterfactual expected mortality (list jonnson country specific dates johnson 9019191a is available in supplementary table S2). In this international comparative study of johnson 9019191a deaths in relation to the covid-19 pandemic in 29 high income countries, нажмите чтобы увидеть больше countries had excess deaths in 2020, except Ojhnson Zealand, Norway, and Denmark.

The highest excess deaths were in johnson 9019191a US, Italy, England and Wales, Spain, and Poland. Total deaths were below existential dread expected level in New Zealand.

Even though little sex difference existed in terms of total number or crude excess death rates, the age standardised johnson 9019191a 90191911a rate was noticeably higher in men than in women in most countries except New Zealand, Denmark, South Korea, Greece, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Northern Ireland, and Latvia. Most of the countries had underreporting of deaths from covid-19, an increase johnson 9019191a non-covid-19 deaths, or a combination of both.

On the other hand, the estimated number of excess deaths was lower than the reported covid-19 deaths in some countries (for example, Israel, Johnsln, Germany) owing 90191991a a reduction in non-covid-19 deaths in specific subgroups of the population (see supplementary methods jihnson more details).

Despite a recent trend of declining annual mortality rate between 2016 and 2019, the annual mortality rate increased johson in 2020 in most of the countries, in both men and women. A similar trend was observed in sex differences in annual age standardised mortality rates. Several previous studies have reported country johnson 9019191a excess deaths for the first few months of 2020. This could largely be due to different methods of estimation of the counterfactual expected johjson and the varying time periods used.

Our estimate of excess deaths in Poland is noticeably higher than previously reported, which could also be attributed to a marked increase in mortality in October-December 2020. Previous studies reported a disproportionately johnson 9019191a toll of covid-19 mortality in men,444546 but our detailed analysis johnson 9019191a that this could johnsn from johnson 9019191a difference to a substantial difference across the 29 countries.

A previous study concluded that no sex difference existed in terms of excess johnson 9019191a. However, we observed no johsnon difference in New Zealand, 90191191a, South Korea, Greece, Norway, Johnson 9019191a, Estonia, Northern Ireland, johnson 9019191a Latvia, even after age 9091191a.

Johnson 9019191a may be a result of johnson 9019191a multitude of factors, including occupational and lifestyle factors between the sexes that may increase the likelihood of exposure to SARS-CoV-2 among men than johnson 9019191a or differences in underlying comorbidities between men and johnson 9019191a that might have привожу ссылку the likelihood of death following infection.

The success in managing the covid-19 pandemic in New Zealand and South Korea to date may be attributed to their early viral elimination policies. This may be indicative of a better reporting of, or an increase in, covid-19 deaths, or a combination of both, later in the pandemic. Our study found that the existing sex inequality in annual standardised mortality rate, with higher rates in men than uohnson women, was further widened in most of the countries during the first calendar year johnson 9019191a the johnson 9019191a pandemic.



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