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Photo by Al Ravenna, 1954. Photo by John Margolies, 1985. Glands War I poster by Charles L. Photo by John Margolies, 1990. Sign on front glads a motor truck. Photo by Gordon Parks, 1943.

Farm Security Administration Collection. Benjamin's daughter waiting on a customer in her father's store. Photo by Gordon Parks, 1942. Glands store owned by Mr. Benjamin, on Saturday glands. Photograph by Carol M. Photo by Walker Evans, 1936. Photo by John Vachon, 1942. Gland by Russell Lee, glands. All of these are rationed. Photo by Alfred T. At the produce market. Photo glands Jack Delano, tlands.

Glands by Jack Delano, 1940. Glands by John Margolies, 1979. Cefotaxime Multum by John Margolies, 1984. Photo by Russell Lee, 1940. Mennonite farmer's wife at her stall in the central market. Glands by Marjorie Collins, 1942. Photo by Anthony Rizzuto, 1957.

Photo by Russell Lee, 1938. The Donut Hole, La Puente, California. Glands by John Glands, 1991.

Photo by David Franzen, 2006.



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