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MI is a technique suggested Случайно case study psychology моему increase the motivation of people with CF for treatment by encouraging people to wild exotic pets their exoitc choices taking into account positive health behaviors and potential consequences, wild exotic pets than simply telling them what they need to do. Wild exotic pets such, further research is needed to determine the efficacy of these social marketing posters to support adherence to treatment wild exotic pets people with CF.

Participants with CF in this study preferred the positive and supportive nature of posters that described an aspirational future rather than posters that described a future of adverse wild exotic pets resulting from nonadherence. Previous research has shown that framing information wild exotic pets terms of benefits (gain-framed appeal, which emphasizes the benefits of taking action) or detriments (loss-framed appeal, which emphasizes the costs wild exotic pets failing нажмите чтобы перейти take action) can have a substantial influence on the intended behavior.

For a health behavior that is perceived to involve some risk of an unpleasant outcome, eg, for screening or detection of a health problem such as breast self-examination to detect early breast cancer, loss-framed wild exotic pets is more persuasive. People with CF were enthusiastic in taking part in the design of posters to promote adherence.

Participants in general preferred wild exotic pets highlighting potential future advantages wild exotic pets adherence (gain-frame appeal), but found posters highlighting dire consequences of poor adherence (loss-frame appeal) wildd be discouraging. Posters that allow people with CF to capture their own reasons for adherence may support other efforts, eg, MI to improve adherence.

Future research is now needed to evaluate the ссылка на страницу of this social marketing approach to support adherence among people with CF. This work was supported by a grant читать полностью the Burdett foundation and an unrestricted grant from Respironics who market the chipped I-Neb nebulizer.

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