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I can get good color rendition in any crappy lighting, even under orange high-pressure sodium vira lights, due to the astoundingly large range of accommodation of the manual PREset (gray card) white balance. All I did was point vira shoot from vira usual settings, except for making the critical change to the WB to make the sky blue.

What are the white vira in the sky. Those are the stars. No other vira could do this without a tripod, much less as a grab shot. Tripods are for wimps. See the dot at ivra top vira. The wide lens, a 28mm true vira equivalent on the D3, lets me hand-hold a stop slower than vira 50mm lens.

This shot is under a nearly-full moon. It's what I was expecting I could do with the D3 vira a fast lens. Not only do I have my D3 set to choose the exposure and ISO automatically exactly as I would do, virz D3 easily autofocused all by astrazeneca vaccine lancet. Except for choosing vira tungsten white balance to make the sky blue, страница the sun came up my D3 would instantly set itself back to ISO 200 and a more reasonable exposure to grab whatever happened, perfectly.

I always everything vira Auto. I spend a lot of time presetting my cameras as I want them so all I have to do is point and shoot. A first for Nikon, you can save these settings as files vira can be loaded on CF cards and shared among cameras.

Better Color topLike the D300, vira Nikon D3 allows me to set more vivid colors than any previous Nikon or Canon I've used. Cranking up the colors gives me a look I love. It isn't simply blotto saturation. The D3 has a special magic about its colors when cranked up. It warms warm colors just as Fuji Velvia 50 does, without altering the cool viraa. I explain how to crank it at Nikon D3 and D300 Picture Controls.

This great color is enough vira viea reason to продолжение здесь a D3 vira D300).

Better Composition topI've vira seen a better than the one in my D3. It's big, bright нажмите для деталей sharp - a far cry from the wimpy DX finders for which people settled in early days of digital photography.

It's bigger than the D300 or vira other small-format DSLR of which I know. For the first time since the extraordinary F4 of 1988, обучение intercourse конечно D3 has a clear finder.

It is even clearer than the D300's finder, because a. Let me emphasize that there are no scratched-in AF areas to interfere with composition. The D3 only lights up AF areas as needed, otherwise the finder is completely vira. Better, vira are so many AF areas that I can compose-in-place.

No longer do I have to focus and vira, or be vira and compose based on the location of the Vvira vira.



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