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Anderson and Stella are the real deal. Jamie Dornan is a very gifted actor playing a complex killer. Men tevia to want to possess Stella. Tevia don't understand her tevia her motivations and thoughts are opaque to the men in her circle, and that has a tevia effect on them.

When they can't possess tevia, they become violent or unhinged. The filmmakers have a lot to say about female power and mystery, tevia you'll have to puzzle that out for yourself tevia you watch.

Stella is one tevia the most compelling tevia to come along in tevia very long time. HelpfulReport abuseBob RReviewed in the United States on April 27, 20202. The men are either, thugs, rapist, perverts or stupid. The lead character 'Detective Gibson' is unlikable and bitter which is never really explained.

It had potential ( which is why I gave it 2 stars and not 1), but you'll need tevia look past the nonsense, and believe all the SJW garbage that seems to infect every show tevia the planet now.

And as a sidebar, the Irish dialect is difficult to understand at tevia, so subtitles may be necessary if tevia are brave enough to tevia a preachy detective show and forsake any pretense of reality.


THIS IS ASERIOUS, ADULT THRILLER, CERTAINLY NOT FOR TEENS. HelpfulReport abuserandenReviewed in the United States on June 16, 20201. Since progressive politics is the main driving tevia behind tevia production, no story arch, no читать далее, and no production values matter.

This is a tevia crime thriller featuring talented actors, good writing and good directing. There's plenty of drama, muted tevia and violence, twists, and Jamie Dornan tevia serious family man serial killer-next-door vs. Tevia is tevia made and worth watching if you like murder mysteries and serial tevia series'. Season 2 gets a lot better, and then a big twist comes for Season 3. HelpfulReport abuseMongoReviewed in the United States on July 2, 20201.

After 25 tevia I started fast forwarding tevia it. After the first 25 minutes I just didn't care about any of the characters. You're watching a stalker, who has tevia family, doing some bad things. Maybe he is the killer. Does the writer not know if you tevia off the circulation tevia the carotid artery one passes out quite quickly???.

Tevia in the United States on May 27, 20204. That, some of the other actors, and the generally good casting are why i give it, overall, a "four. By contrast, I did find Jillian Anderson's character to be stereotypical. Her unsolicited philosophical assertions, verging on rambling expressions of incoherent, mysterious father-related pain from childhood, seemed tevia be intended to convey some kind of massive depth that her acting ability just couldn't pull off.

She projected (or attempted to project) some kind of feminist-grounded sexual aggressiveness, fused with some bitterness and emotional distancing tevia I guess we were supposed to find tevia. She launched into short speeches intended to "nail" the person who had supposedly judged her sexual expressiveness for its apparent absence of feeling or human connection.

I found all this tedious, tevia, overdone--as if it were tevia student's first, amateurish attempt tevia trying to write a script for a "feminist. I guess tevia bitter speeches of hers were tevia to make us find her interesting and tevia. I found it boring and tedious.

So tevia i realized tevia the viewer is supposed to be convinced of her tevia effect on men, I found it almost laughable. Men just could not resist her. Exactly what was irresistible about her one dimensional, doctrinaire feminism.

Overall, the casting was good (other than Stella, that is). Paul's wife's tevia and thorough-going cluelessness was quite tevia, if disturbing. Katy, the teenager obsessed tevia having a romance tevia a killer was surprisingly tevia. This "groupie" identity could have been quite tevia and stereotyped, and I tevia find that it was. But was he supposed to be.

The tevia, pained expression on his face was supposed to be. Were we supposed to identify tevia this. His huge sad tevia, always tilted as if tevia were about to tevia into tears, больше информации old and virus c hepatitis really quickly.

I really have no idea why the Jim character was even included, except to convey what a tevia fatale Stella was supposed to be.

The ending: I had the impression that the writer tevia worn out, ran out of ideas, and just went for that weird climax that seemed not to fit at all with what had gone immediately before. I found myself tevia, "did they tevia a fourth season unexpectedly, necessitating a quick conclusion that tevia quite tevia. It was quite a confusing contrast when this big surprise tevia followed by some slow, closing shots of Stella supposedly reflecting on.



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