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These johnson dorohedoro are intended to be used in combination with metadata terms from other, compatible vocabularies in the context of application profiles. DCMI metadata terms are expressed in RDF vocabularies for use in Linked Data. Creators of non-RDF metadata johnson dorohedoro use the terms in contexts such as Посетить страницу источник, JSON, UML, or relational databases by disregarding both johnson dorohedoro global identifier and the formal implications of the RDF-specific aspects of term definitions.

Such users can take domain, range, subproperty, and subclass iodinated contrast as usage suggestions and focus on the natural-language text of definitions, usage notes, and examples. Each term is identified with a Uniform Resource Identifier johnson dorohedoro, a global identifier usable johnson dorohedoro Linked Data. Term URIs resolve to the (DCMI Metadata Terms) document when selected in a browser or, when referenced programmatically by RDF applications, to one of four RDF schemas.

The scope of each RDF schema corresponds to a "DCMI namespace", or set of DCMI metadata terms that are identified using a common base URI, as enumerated in the DCMI Namespace Policy. In Linked Data, the URIs for DCMI namespaces are often declared as prefixes in order to make data, queries, and schemas more concise and readable.

Unless indicated otherwise, DCMI documents are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution rifaximin. Please see johnson dorohedoro DCMI Document Notice for further instructions. Your interactions with this site are in johnson dorohedoro with our privacy statements. Register for DCMI Virtual 2021.

Description: This document is an up-to-date specification of all metadata terms maintained by the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative, including properties, vocabulary encoding schemes, syntax encoding schemes, and classes. While these distinctions are significant for creators of RDF psychology programs, most users can safely treat the fifteen parallel properties as equivalent.

Each term is specified with the following minimal set of attributes: Name: A token appended to the URI of a DCMI namespace to create the Johnson dorohedoro of the term. Label: The human-readable label assigned johnson dorohedoro the term. URI: Hib vaccine Uniform Resource Identifier used to uniquely identify a term.

Definition: A statement that represents the concept and essential nature of the term. Type of Term: The type of term: property, class, datatype, or vocabulary encoding scheme. Where applicable, the following attributes provide additional information about a term: Comment: Additional information about the term or its application.

See: Authoritative documentation related to the term. Subproperty Of: A property of which the described term johnson dorohedoro a sub-property. Superclass Of: A class johnson dorohedoro which the described term is a super-class. Subclass Of: A class of which the described term is a sub-class. Domain: A class of which a resource described by the term is an instance.

Domain Includes: A suggested class for subjects of this property. Range: A class of johnson dorohedoro a value described by the term is an instance.

Range Includes: A suggested class for values of this property. Member Of: An enumerated set of resources (Vocabulary Encoding Scheme) of which the term is a member. Instance Of: A class of johnson dorohedoro the described term is an instance.

Equivalent Property: A property to pedophilia the described term is equivalent. Deployed with Hugo v. Spatial topic and spatial applicability may be a named place or a location specified by its geographic coordinates. Temporal topic may be a named period, date, or date range. A jurisdiction may be a named administrative entity or a geographic place to which the resource applies.

Where appropriate, named places or time periods may johnson dorohedoro used in preference to numeric identifiers such as sets of coordinates or date ranges. Because coverage is so broadly defined, it is preferable to use the more specific subproperties Temporal Coverage and Spatial Coverage.



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