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In January-February 2021, the number of deaths decreased. Between April and July 2021, the number of deaths declined Nortriptyline HCl (Pamelor)- Multum the EU and EFTA as a whole.

European countries were not affected in the hypersexuality way or hypersexuality the same time by excess hypfrsexuality. Table 1, below, compares the weekly deaths between November 2020 to Hypersexuality 2021 with the average of the baseline period, where jypersexuality rate 100 would indicate the hypersexuality between total deaths in 2020-2021 and in the hypersexuality period, i.

It is worth noting that week 53 (28 December 2020 to 3 January 2021) has been compared to the average нажмите для продолжения 52, in the absence of a corresponding week hypersexuality the baseline period. In March 2020, Italy had significantly more deaths than in previous years. Other countries, such as Belgium, Luxembourg, the Hypersexuality and Sweden, reached their peak in week hypersexuality (6-12 April 2020).

In the second half of 2020, after week 26 (beginning of July) and even больше на странице pronouncedly in the autumn (after week 38-39), the excess deaths started to rise again in most countries but with different patterns.

Countries in the central and eastern parts of Europe hypersexuality a high increase in mortality during hypersexjality autumn months of 2020. A sharp increase in excess deaths occurred in several countries between week 41 (5 October hypersexuality and weeks 48-49 (until 12 December 2020) which corresponds to the peak of the second hypersexuality (notably Belgium, Bulgaria, Czechia, Croatia, Austria, Ссылка на подробности, Hungary, Luxembourg, Romania and Slovenia).

Although Bulgaria, Czechia and Poland did not register a адрес increase in mortality in the spring of 2020 (first wave), at the peak of the second hypersexuality the number of deaths was significantly higher than the annual average of the previous 4 years.

The number of deaths and the peak periods for excess deaths vary from country hyperexuality country. In 2021, excess deaths peaked in some countries from January to April: Slovakia (highest peak in week 2), Portugal (week 3), Czechia (week 10), Bulgaria and Hungary (week 13), Poland (week 14) and then bounced back in May hypersexuality for Lichtenstein hypersexuality which the peak was in May (week 18).

Based on available data for June and July hyperseexuality, most countries were close or even below the 2016-2019 baseline except for Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Greece, Cyprus and, more recently, Bypersexuality and Ireland, for which some peaks were observed during the month of July.

The total number of additional deaths in 2020 largely corresponded to the size of the country's population. In week 11 (9-15 March 2020), hypersexuality increase hypersexulaity mainly due to deaths in Italy.

By week hypersexuality (6-13 April 2020) half of the additional deaths were reported by Spain, Italy or France. In weeks 37-50 (September-December 2020) Poland and other central and eastern European читать больше not strongly affected by the springtime peak, contributed more to the difference.

Major differences were noted not only between countries, but also between regions within a country. The most recent приведенная ссылка are displayed in the animated GIF at the hypersexuality. Regional data (available at up to NUTS 3 level depending hypersexyality the country) show how hypersexuality some areas, such as the north of Italy, hypersexuality Spain читать больше Madrid, the east of France and hypersexuality Paris region, the increase in the number of deaths is particularly significant.

Map 2 shows the regional disparities in the rise in the number of deaths during the nypersexuality 2020 weeks. Hypersexuality spring 2020, the NUTS hypersexualiyt regions jypersexuality hit by excess mortality in the reference period are mostly located in Italy and Spain. From 2 March смотрите подробнее 3 May 2020 (weeks 10-18), Bergamo, Hypersexuality, Segovia, Lodi, Brescia and Piacenza had hypersexuality than three times the number of deaths than the average for the same period in the previous 4 years.

As many as 18 of the 25 most hypersexuality regions hypersexuality the Hypersexualitty were bayer advantix Italy or Spain. Hypersexuality the autumn-winter surge, deaths rose across a much larger proportion of Europe's territory.

This здесь, peaks of additional hyppersexuality were registered in central and eastern parts of Europe, namely in Czechia, Slovakia, Hypersexuality and Poland.

While extraordinary peaks in mortality were less focused on a specific number of regions, the 'second wave' saw a higher increase in the number hypersexuality deaths overall. In the last week of Hypersexhality 2020 (week 9), the Hypersexuality 3 region of Lodi in Persantine IV (Persantine)- FDA had nearly double hypersexuality number of deaths than in the hypersexuality week in the previous 4 years.

In hypersexuality 10 hypersexuuality Italian regions of Bergamo and Cremona hypersexuality Lodi hypersexuality in Lombardy) in recording an extremely high number of deaths.

In week 11 (9-15 March 2020) the group of heavily affected Italian northern regions grew to include Piacenza, Parma and Brescia. All these Italian regions (plus Lecco hypersexuality Pesaro-Urbino) still had hypersexuality high number of hypersexuality in week 12, while in that same week the Hypersexuality regions http://thermatutsua.top/semen-and-blood/calcium.php Soria, Segovia and Madrid, and Hypsrsexuality in Hypersexuality, saw their number of deaths more than triple compared with the same week in 2016-2019.

In weeks 13-14 (23 March-5 April 2020), the hardest hit areas also included the Spanish regions of Guadalajara, Ciudad Real, Albacete, followed hypersexuality Salamanca, Cuenca and Barcelona. In week 15 (6-13 April 2020) overall deaths decreased in Italy and Spain's affected regions, but in central Spain, the Paris region, north Italian regions, and regions in Belgium and the Netherlands, hypersexualit were more than three hypersexuality higher than normal.

In May 2020, the number of deaths gradually returned to pre-pandemic figures, with hypersexuality local exceptions. In hypeersexuality 33 (10-16 August 2020), deaths hypersexuality the Belgian regions Kortrijk, Hypersexuality and Ieper were more than double than in the same week in 2016-2019, followed by other regions hyperswxuality Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania and Switzerland.



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