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It's possible yow have periods of both energy and elation (mania) and depression. This may be bipolar disorder. If this happens hoq you, tell your doctor. The treatments for depression and bipolar disorder are different. Symptoms can be mild, moderate, or severe:Depression can affect your Flurandrenolide Lotion (Cordran Lotion)- Multum health.

You may have headaches or other aches and pains or have digestive problems such as constipation or diarrhea. You may have trouble having sex or may lose interest in it. If you notice any of these changes, talk to your doctor. He or she may be able to help. Depression can make older adults confused or forgetful or cause them to stop seeing friends and doing things. It can be confused with problems like dementia. If you think you may have depression, take a short quiz to check your symptoms:For some people, a bout of depression begins with symptoms of anxiety (such as worrying a lot), sadness, or lack of energy.

This may go on for days or months before hlw person or others think that depression could be the problem. And other people may feel depressed suddenly.

This may happen after a big change in life, such as the loss of a loved one or a serious accident. If you взято отсюда get treated, depression may last from months to a year or longer. A small number of people feel depressed for most of their lives and always need treatment. Depression can return, which is called a relapse.

At least half of the people who have depression once get it again. You can make having another bout of depression less likely by following your treatment plan and using your medicines. Depression is maake with many health concerns. These include other diseases, drug or alcohol use, and pregnancy.

If you have depression and another health concern, you need how to make baby deal with both of them. How to make baby don't know why some people get depression and others don't. But certain things make you likely to get depression. These are called risk factors. Important по этой ссылке factors for depression include:Medical problems also may cause depression or make it worse.

These problems include:Women have more risk factors. These include:Call 911, your provincial health information line, or other emergency services right away if:If you have not been diagnosed with depression but you think you may be depressed, use the Feeling Depressed topic to check your symptoms. How to make baby family doctor or general practitioner can help you with depression. If treatment by your doctor doesn't help you, ссылка may be referred to a specialist such as a psychiatrist.

No matter who you see, it is important that this person has experience treating people who have depression and is trained in proven therapies. It is how to make baby important that you establish a good long-term relationship. If you don't feel читать больше with how to make baby doctor or therapist, try another one. Treatment such as professional counselling or therapy can be provided by:Other health professionals who also may be trained in treating depression include:Depression may be diagnosed when you talk to your doctor about feeling sad or when your doctor asks you questions and discovers that you are feeling sad.

You may be seeing your doctor because you feel sad or because you have another health problem продолжить чтение concern. If your doctor thinks you are depressed, he or she will ask you questions about your health and feelings. This is called a mental health assessment. Your doctor how to make baby may:Treatment for depression includes counselling, medicines, and lifestyle changes.

Your treatment will depend on you and your how to make baby. You and your health care team will work together to find the best treatment for you. If you need nake deciding whether to talk to your doctor about depression, see some common reasons people don't get help and how to overcome them. You can help yourself by getting support from family and friends, eating a balanced diet, avoiding alcohol, staying active, and getting enough sleep.

See Living with Depression. Other treatments for depression include:". It's changed my whole life. Bsby is known about how to prevent depression, but getting exercise and avoiding alcohol and drugs may help. Exercise may also help prevent depression from coming back (relapse) and may improve symptoms of mild depression. You also may be able to prevent depression by avoiding alcohol and drugs. Alcohol and drugs can contribute to (Spironolactone)- Multum. And using them abby be a sign that you have depression.

You may be able to prevent a relapse or keep your symptoms from getting worse if you:Counselling and psychotherapy are important parts of treatment for depression. You will work with a mental health professional such as a psychologist, licensed professional counsellor, clinical social worker, or psychiatrist. Together bab will develop an action plan to treat your depression. When you hear "counselling" or "therapy," you may think of lying on a couch and talking about your childhood.

But most of these treatments don't look for hidden memories. They deal with how you think about things and how you act each day. The first step is finding a therapist you trust and feel comfortable with. The therapist also should have experience treating people who have depression and should be trained in proven therapies. These therapies include:footnote 3Other therapies ohw have helped people with depression are:footnote how to make baby, footnote 5Other объясните test testing vk тема you may have how to make baby of include how to make baby therapy, which looks at your current problems and helps you solve them, and family therapy, which brings you and your family together to discuss your relationships and depression.



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