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Many Depakote patients experience sleepiness or the slowing of their mental processes. Nausea, hair loss, weight gain, and tremors also occur as less severe side effects. Dangerous side effects of Depakote include suicidal tendencies, pancreatitis, and liver damage. Women taking Depakote should be particularly cautious, as they can Ezetimibe Tablets (Zetia)- FDA polycystic Ezetimibe Tablets (Zetia)- FDA syndrome (PCOS).

PCOS causes cysts in the ovaries which can cause women to become infertile. Additionally, it is recommended that pregnant women do not take Depakote due to the significantly increased risk of birth defects. The most common reported Depakote side effect is lethargy, or tiredness. This Depakote side Ezetimibe Tablets (Zetia)- FDA is most common in elderly patients. Elderly patients are also more likely to experience Depakote side effects such as anorexia and dehydration.

The FDA classifies Depakote into pregnancy category D. This means that Depakote is proven to cause harm Ezetimibe Tablets (Zetia)- FDA fetuses and that pregnant women should avoid taking squamous. The FDA addressed birth defect dangers in 2006 when they required the addition of a black box warning after research indicated that fetal abnormalities were discovered in 20 percent of pregnant Depakote users.

In 2009, the FDA released a more detailed warning of Depakote side effects. Specifically, it cited the possibility of heart, craniofacial, хватает how much sugar is healthy считаю neural tube defects in developing embryos. Suicidal thoughts and tendencies from Depakote use were also noted.

Additionally, alarming information from the New England Journal of Medicine was published in 2010. The читать статью revealed that six specific birth defects occurred at a high rate when Depakote was consumed during the first trimester of pregnancy. Pregnant Depakote users saw a 12-fold increase in their children being born with spina bifida. The FDA released another Depakote warning in 2012.

Fetuses with neural tube defects suffer damage to the spine, spinal cord, or brain. These defects may develop before the woman is even aware of the pregnancy. Neural tube defects are among the most common types of birth defects.

They occur in roughly one in 1,000 U. Depakote birth defects such as neural tube defects can typically be diagnosed before birth. Lab and imaging tests can be used for diagnosis. Unfortunately, no cure exists for neural tube defects.

Anencephaly and spina bifida are the two most commonly-occurring neural tube defects. Anencephaly Ezetimibe Tablets (Zetia)- FDA the majority of the brain and skull to remain underdeveloped.

Anencephalic babies are typically stillborn or die shortly after birth due to the severity of the condition. This leaves the spinal cord exposed after the baby is born. In some cases, the opening is large enough for the spinal cord to protrude through the bone opening. In many cases, nerve damage causes leg paralysis in the newborn. The interatrial septum is the tissue wall separating the left and right atria, or sides of the heart.

A comparison of studies indicates that infants exposed to Depakote are twice as likely to develop atrial septal defect (ASD). ASD abnormally enables blood to flow between the two atria, resulting in inadequate oxygenation to body and brain tissues. Evidence shows that Depakote can also cause cleft lip and palate in developing children. Cleft lip and cleft palate may occur separately or together. Cleft lip occurs when the lip tissue fails to completely fuse together before birth.

This results in an opening in the upper lip after birth. Cleft palate occurs Ezetimibe Tablets (Zetia)- FDA the palate, or roof of the mouth, fails to properly fuse together.

Cleft lip and palate can create difficulty with feeding and speaking. The conditions can cause hearing loss and fluid buildup in the middle ears, which по этой ссылке lead to frequent ear infections. Depakote may increase the risk of suicidal thoughts and behaviors. Risk of suicide may be exacerbated in patients who take Depakote for conditions such as bipolar disorder which already carries a higher-than-normal risk of suicide.

In 2008, the FDA analyzed посмотреть еще 200 trials of epileptic drugs including Depakote. Research suggested that these patients Ezetimibe Tablets (Zetia)- FDA nearly double the risk of suicidal propensity.

Depakote side effects include damage to the liver and pancreas. Over the lifespan of the drug, the FDA has released several advisories for Depakote users and the general public. In 2006, the FDA required a black box warning to be included on the Depakote product label. The black box warning emphasized the risks of birth defects узнать больше taken during pregnancy.

In 2009, the FDA warned the public of the risks of neural tube defects, craniofacial defects, and heart defects in infants born адрес mother who took Depakote. There are currently three black-box warnings required to be placed inside the Depakote package insert.

These warnings receive their name from the black box surrounding the text of the warning. In addition to a number of fines from the FDA, AbbVie (formerly Abbott Laboratories) has faces a number of продолжить чтение from Depakote patients who have been harmed by Ezetimibe Tablets (Zetia)- FDA drug Ezetimibe Tablets (Zetia)- FDA was also accused of improper marketing activities.

Abbott Laboratories was accused of illegal marketing of the drug to children and senior citizens, despite the lack of FDA-approval for these patients.



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