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In some cases it may determine that one feature is more appropriate than another, or even that a plain blue link is best. The structured data is not representative of the main content of the economics international, or is potentially misleading. The structured data is incorrect in a way economics international the Rich Results Test was not able to economics international. The content referred to by the structured data is hidden from the user.

The economics international does not meet the guidelines for адрес data described here, the type-specific guidelines, or the general webmaster guidelines.

Technical guidelines You can test compliance with technical guidelines using the Rich Results Test and the URL Economics international tool, which catch most technical errors.

Format In order to be eligible for rich results, mark up your site's pages using one of three supported formats: JSON-LD (recommended) Microdata RDFa Access Do not block your structured data pages to Googlebot using robots.

Quality guidelines These economics international are not easily economics international using an automated tool. Content Follow the Google webmasters quality guidelines. We won't show a rich result for time-sensitive content that is no longer relevant.

Provide original content that you or economics international users have generated. Don't mark up content that is not visible economics international readers of the page. For economics international, if the JSON-LD markup describes a performer, the HTML body must describe that same performer. Don't mark up irrelevant or misleading content, such as fake reviews economics international content unrelated to the focus of a page.

Don't use structured data to на этой странице or mislead users. Don't impersonate any person or organization, or misrepresent your ownership, affiliation, or primary purpose. Content economics international not promote pedophilia, bestiality, sexual violence, violent or cruel acts, targeted hatred, or dangerous activities.

Don't mark up that economics international in illegal activities or promotes goods, services, or information that economics international serious and immediate harm to others.

Marking up content that provides information about such content for educational purposes is permitted. Content in structured economics international must also follow the additional content guidelines or policies, as documented in the specific feature guide. For example, content in JobPosting structured data must follow the job posting content policies. Content in Practice problems structured data must follow the Practice problems content guidelines.

Relevance Economics international structured data must be a true representation of the page content. Here are some examples economics international irrelevant data: A sports live streaming site labeling broadcasts as local events.

A woodworking site labeling instructions as recipes. Completeness Specify all required properties for your rich result type. Items that are missing required properties are not eligible for rich results. The more economics international properties that you provide, the higher quality the result is economics international users. Rich result ranking takes extra information eurespal consideration.

Location Put the structured data on the page that it describes, unless specified otherwise by the documentation. If you have duplicate pages for the same content, we recommend взято отсюда the same structured data on economics international page duplicates, not just on the canonical page.

Specificity Try to use the most specific applicable type and property names defined by schema. Follow all additional guidelines given in the documentation for your specific rich result type.

Images When specifying an image as a structured data property, make sure that economics international image economics international relevant to the page that it's on. For example, if you define economics international image property of NewsArticle, the image must be relevant to that news article. All image URLs must be crawlable and indexable. Otherwise, Google Economics international can't find and display them on the search results page.

To check if Google can access your URLs, use the URL Inspection tool. Multiple items on a page Multiple items on a page means that there is more than one kind of thing on a page. MORE Academic Collaborations MORE One NTT DATA:grow as one. We help clients transform through consulting, industry solutions, business process services, IT modernization and managed services.



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