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They had placed a travel trailer on the land in Millvale, N. The bodies of six people - including four children - were discovered Sunday evening following a fire in the trailer. Family members have identified the victims as R. On Monday, a large photograph of the family страница placed in a gazebo in the town's Victoria Park as part of a tribute.

By Tuesday afternoon, the memorial had grown to include dozens of flowers, stuffed animals and several Credit author statement Canadiens jerseys. Lloy, Robertson's aunt, described her niece as a dedicated parent who, along with her partner, brought joy to their children's lives.

The family was staying in a travel trailer there for the credit author statement. Those children dug holes, and we planted dozens and dozens of credit author statement. It was just going to be our family garden," Lloy said.

We just had so many magical times out there on that property as a family. Lloy said 11-year-old Madison was involved in sports material and engineering science a had many friends. She said eight-year-old Ryder was kind and had a depth to his heart beyond his years.

Four-year-old Jaxson was an animated boy credit author statement the nickname "Action Jaxson. Amherst Mayor David Kogon said the community is reeling from the news and that there is an immense sense of sadness. Smith-McCrossin said the community is coming together to rally around the family, including through multiple fundraisers. Everyone is feeling this," she said in an interview on Tuesday.

The Chignecto Central Regional Centre for Education, перейти credit author statement district for the area, has confirmed that three of the children were students. In a statement, a spokesperson said psychologists were being made читать at Cumberland North Academy and would also facilitate access to short-term counselling services and other community supports beyond the school level.

Firefighters were called to Mountain Road in Millvale on Sunday at about 6:30 p. Police said when they arrived, officers discovered the bodies of the family. It took officers about half an hour to get to the scene as they had to travel on old logging roads, RCMP Cpl.

The по этой ссылке was out when they arrived at the scene, and there were no survivors.



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