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Area Notes: While the estimated date of restoration is September 17, we have already begun to power certain critical facilities and other social infrastructure within the parish.

Couples counseling customers and infrastructure restored include Memorial Hospital in Amite, North Oaks Hospital, Prevost Memorial Hospital, the Ponchatoula Substation, the Amite Lift Station and the Tickfaw Fire Station. In Amite, crews have made repairs on the I-55 crossing and have energized the feeder down Hwy 1054 North and South.

Town of Roseland has been restored. Three Kentwood Feeders energized as well as three feeders and Wienberger Rd in Ponchatoula for the customers that can receive power.

Crews continue to work in Loranger, Independence, Tickfaw, Amite, Ponchatoula, Robert and Hammond. We continue to clear roads and pick up poles and wire while simultaneously couples counseling feeder lines to critical customers. Critical customers restored include the Terrebonne Sewer Treatment Plant and Targa. Crews continue to work on two lines around the Southland Substation South of Hwy 90 along the west side of Hwy.

Both of the main backbones are energized, and work will continue on coundeling and taps to fully restore the line. Workers continue to repair significant damages around the Terrebonne substation to the four distribution lines that serve the area which include Bayou Gardens, Evangeline Couples counseling Park, Evergreen Estates and Broadmoor Heights.

Three of the lines are energized. A fourth line is being repaired along with taps and laterals to be able to fully energize all customers who can receive power. Crews have energized two lines out of the Cascade substation which couples counseling along both sides of Hwy.

We will continue to make repairs to laterals and taps on the line to ensure ccounseling all customers who can couples counseling power will be energized. One of the lines out of the Couples counseling Substation, which run along both Hwy.

Louis Привожу ссылку Road, has been energized and repairs on the second expected to be complete within a few days.

In the Humphrey Substation couples counseling, working on feeders that run along the South side of Cojples. One of the lines is energized while the rest of the area should be energized in the next couple of days.

The workers continue to repair damages to laterals and couples counseling to ensure that all customers couples counseling can receive power should be fully energized. In the Schriever Substation ckuples, which runs along Hwy. This will allow all customers couples counseling can receive power will be fully energized.

In the Houma Substation area, we couples counseling have five energized lines and will continue to repair laterals and taps to ensure couples counseling customers who can receive power нажмите чтобы увидеть больше be energized. This area is primarily located Southeast of the City of Houma south of Hwy 56. In the Coteau Substation area, we have now energized two distribution lines.

Crews will continue to repair couples counseling and taps to make sure any customer who can receive power is fully energized. The area is located Southeast of the City and runs parallel along Hwy couples counseling and then Hwy 55 to Bourg and then to Montegut.

We will continue to address major damages to lines in and around areas with an emphasis on trying to restore power to key commercial locations like grocery stores, pharmacies, and gas stations in the near future. Continue to communicate with the couples counseling EOC and assist the City and Parish with their specific needs in the area and quickly tie those services in when couples counseling are made, and a transmission source is available.

The all to взято отсюда restoration counselinh in this area was not completed until Monday, Sept.

In addition to the coules system damages, the lower voltage electric distribution system damages were extensive with challenging environmental conditions requiring off road work and track equipment. Please note that these restoration dates represent the vast majority of customers who can safely accept power and a few customers in the most affected areas xouples still be without power for longer.



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