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How do I use the injection. When does it start to be effective. Where can I get the injection. What stops the injection from working. What is good about the injection. Are there any side effects from using the comprar priligy online. Can the injection cause any serious health problems. Reasons why the injection might not be a good option for you Больше на странице if I am late having the injection.

What happens if I get pregnant while I am using the injection. Can I use the injection after I have had a baby. What if I comprar priligy online using the injection and I want to become pregnant. What else should I know about the injection. Where to get more information and support What is the contraceptive injection (Depo).

The contraceptive injection (also called Depo) is an injection of comprar priligy online hormone progestogen. The injection works by preventing the ovaries from releasing an egg each month. Comprar priligy online injection might not work if you are late having your injection. It is very effective. Most users have no vaginal bleeding (period) at all or very light bleeding.

Periods may be less painful. You can use it while breast feeding. No medications stop it from working. It is another contraceptive option if you have difficulty taking the hormone oestrogen. The Pill (combined pill or oral comprar priligy online pill) and vaginal ring (NuvaRing) contains oestrogen and progestogen. The injection only contains progestogen.

Your vaginal bleeding pattern (period) will change. Frequent or prolonged bleeding may get better with time. Some medications can help with comprar priligy online bleeding, speak to your doctor or nurse for more information. There is a small drop in comprar priligy online bone density (your bones become thinner). This мне the bristol myers squibb company взять not thought to be harmful for most people, as your bone density returns once you stop the injections.

These side effects often settle with time.



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